Saturday, February 4, 2012

Night of the Expanding Spaceship

During the last 10 years or so I've made a lot of geometric abstractions, which seems like a recent trend, but I've always made them. It's just that my previous attempts at this style were done in miniature. That was the case with this one, in which I also added a bit of humor. These four abstract color themes had one spaceship apiece, and on each successive strip the ship got larger. Each ship was inscribed with an appropriate word, starting with the lenslike PANIC with its glowing red button, to conical, breastlike TIT with its "nipple, " to yellow, rounded MELLOW, to a spherical jarlike GROSS COOKIES, in a dark green, purple and orange gross color scheme. The title is adapted from a song lyric by Steely Dan, from "Deacon Blues:"..."This is the night of the expanding man...." I ended up giving it to a friend.

"The Night of the Expanding Spaceship" is ink and watercolor on Strathmore paper, four strips mounted on black matboard, c. 7" x 9", Summer 1978. Heavily restored in Photoship.

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