Thursday, February 23, 2012

Dragon Lizard Faces

I continue to draw lizard and dragon heads. I want them to be expressive. The one on the upper right is unusually humanoid and I think it might be a human being who was turned into a dragon. The eyes face front which doesn't happen with a lot of reptiles. I just bought a photographic field guide to North American reptiles and amphibians so I can look at the real creatures which so often morph into dragons in our imagination. There are some lizards such as iguanas and "bearded dragons" which already look like dragons, except for their short necks. All the work on dragons has been done by other people over the millennia. All I need to do is keep drawing and copying and drawing and hoping that a dragon will not devour me.

The above set are lizard and dragon heads, adapted lizard heads, ballpoint pen on a small sketchbook page, 6" x 6". February 22-23, 2012. I put the little sketchbook and pen on the kitchen table so I can draw there whenever I want to.

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