Monday, February 20, 2012

Dragon Face Front

I worked on J. Peffer's build-up of a dragon front face. Following Peffer's design leads to a beaked dragon with a lot of horns and thorns on its head. This is unlike the horsey or reptilian head of a more "traditional" dragon. Also, Peffer's drawing style is more cartoony than I prefer, so I re-drew and adapted, as I have been doing with all my dragons and model drawings. I am trying to draw different types of dragons.

I know that a proper middle-aged lady artist does not draw dragons or other beasts or monsters. The ladies in my art workshop, like so many of the amateur art community all over America, paint decorous landscapes and flowers and still lifes and other sedate depictions, and that's mostly what you see in the conservative galleries. I have seen a fair amount of abstract art in my explorations, and most of it is dreadful. I also think a lot of the people in the workshop were Republicans, too.

Anyway, these dragon studies are front face concepts from Peffer, and I did them in Photoshop, with simulated "digital pencil."

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