Monday, August 20, 2012

Back from the Blue Ridge

I'm back from the Blue Ridge after 6 days of exciting country traveling and wining. This was a busy vacation in which I did art every day and visited 5 wineries. Every view seemed to be a picture subject and I did as much photography and art as I could. Maybe even too much as I seemed to be driven to action rather than spending quiet leisure time listening to the birds. Maybe my next vacation won't be so busy.

I did this iPad sketch of the evening sunlight on the trees at my favorite bed and breakfast place, the "Inn on Poplar Hill." Just an hour or two later a big storm boiled up and there was thrilling lightning and thunder all evening. This was my first night out on vacation.

I am now using the new improved "Art Studio" app on my iPad.This app is as close as I can get to an iPad version of Photoshop and it does wonders, especially with its texture brushes that simulate leaf clusters. As always I try to match the colors to the view as accurately as possible. 

Sketch is on iPad "Art Studio," August 14, 2012.

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