Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Flaming Ramparts panel geologists

This is a panel from THE FLAMING RAMPARTS, the graphic novel I've been working on for more than ten years off and on. This panel is from about 2003. It shows two of the geologist characters talking about whether the big volcano is about to erupt. Note that one of them is holding an iPad, at least the Noantri-world version of one. This is 7 years before real iPads made their appearance in our world, but tablet computers were already around long before I did this panel. 

This is from page 19, and I'm currently working on page 43. The pages are 11" x 15" which means that I can't fit them on a conventional scanner. I have a hand-held scanner which produced this image but it also doesn't scan enough of the page to be useful and avoid a load of Photoshop image-merging work. I might have to scan these pages one panel at a time! I wish there were a way to just scan each page as a single entity. Photography is not sharp enough. I need to find a way to do the imaging without spending a fortune in fees. I am planning to switch to a digitally colored format after this chapter is done, which will save me a lot of scan work, though the original hand-drawn inking will have to be scanned anyway.

Needless to say, these guys are wrong. They are greatly underestimating the volcano's power, and in later pages, stuff blows up real good. 

Panel from THE FLAMING RAMPARTS is ink and watercolor on Fabriano illustration board, about 3" x 3", sometime in 2003.

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