Monday, August 13, 2012

Extended Carport

This is a drawing of the other side of a building I drew and presented here in my entry for June 8th. The original cottage has been remodeled and an extended porch-to-carport has been built, with a remarkable low pitch and long straight pediment base. This residence is on a rather steep hill and that has been remedied by the excavation and paving of the curved front driveway and platform that leads to the front door and the carport. There's quite a lot of room under the carport, more than is needed for one car. It doesn't seem to be set up for work or leisure activities, though. There are some chairs on the porch. Fortunately the residents weren't there to see me, though some of the neighbors were, and as usual I had to convince them I was harmless by pointing to my pen and sketchbook. I sat on my tiny folding stool to do this drawing and it wasn't very comfortable. Should I submit my thesis to Harvard Graduate School of Design in "Vernacular Remodeling on Early 1950s-Era Cottages in Suburban Northern Virginia."

Pentel Pilot G-2 on sketchbook page, about 6" x 5", August 12, 2012.

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