Thursday, August 9, 2012

Car Creature

My self-assigned art task for my work break on the iPad was to take an ordinary car in the parking lot and turn it into a creature. This is the result. The body of the creature is a Saturn wagon of a few years ago. Its arms and legs come out of the wheel wells rather than tires. The face of the creature is the front end of the car with eyes as headlights. Car front ends look like creature faces anyway, so this is just making it more obvious. The canopy of the car is a turtle-like shell with spiny projections. 

This was drawn in "Procreate," yet another iPad art app I just acquired. This app is versatile and it does nice drawings, but it is balky and often does not perform the functions it claims to do. Saving and downloading pictures is especially difficult. I'm wondering whether this app is really meant for the more advanced iPads now in use rather than my "original first edition" iPad 1. I don't have those problems with "Art Studio" or Autodesk Sketchbook Pro. 

"Car Creature" is done in "Procreate," around 5:30 PM, August 8, 2012.


Mike said...

Can I pet it? :)

Pyracantha said...

Sure, Mike. You're an electronic musician, you don't need both hands.