Wednesday, August 8, 2012

New revised iPad app trees

The "Art Studio" iPad app has been almost completely revised and I am pleased with what the makers have done. It really feels like a mini-Photoshop complete with layering, texture tools, and most important for me, tools for making straight lines and geometric blocks of color. I like this because it allows me to make architectural images of walls, pillars, windows, etc. without my result looking like a hurried painting rather than a precise rendering. The image above has two separate attempts with the app during my half hour work break. The tree study was made using the new texture tools. The pillar, a detail from my small shopping center's arcade, was done with the straight-line tools. I would like more time to spend with this new app. I spend my work break drawing instead of walking which is good exercise. I'll figure time management out someday.

iPad "Art Studio," around 5: 30 PM August 7, 2012.

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