Friday, August 31, 2012

Escalator Under Repair

It is a tradition to celebrate when a sketchbook is all used up. All the pages have drawings on them! For this sketchbook which I have used since 2009, I started with a drawing done in my local mall, Tysons I. So I finish off with this drawing done in the same mall. An escalator was under repair and they had left it uncovered. The beige covering hiding the industrial mechanisms of moving consumers was gone, revealing the dark machinery within. "Pandora" is a jewelry shop. 

I'll be moving on to another sketchbook. It isn't entirely new, I've sketched in it before and shown the work here, but this one is a Moleskine with yellow paper, and I will be using greyscale markers as well as penwork in it.

Pitt black ink technical pen on sketchbook page, 10" x 7", August 30, 2012. Drawing took about an hour and a half to complete. Click on the pic for a larger view.

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Tristan Alexander said...

Almost Steampunk looking in some ways. Also more interesting than the bland dull plastic cover that is normally seen!