Monday, March 2, 2015

Bluegrass Festival

I'm back from the bluegrass festival, which was held in a large hotel only a short ways from my residence. It seems odd for such rural and mountain-y music to be played and celebrated in the midst of a modern concrete and glass city, but the music lovers will play anywhere, not just on an old wooden porch in North Carolina. The lobby was full of informal jam players, picking and strumming their guitars and mandolins and banjos and basses in corners of the rooms. I just love this music and am deeply impressed by the musicians' level of skill. I admit I was tempted to pick up a banjo and learn to play, and there were not only banjos but instructional materials available there in the dealers' area. But I can only devote my time to one or two things right now, such as getting my art going again, so I may not be playing the banjo any time soon. I can always listen.

Sketches of bluegrass festival are sepia Pitt pen ink on sketchbook page, about 7" x 10", February 27, 2015. Pick 'n' Click for larger view.

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