Sunday, March 22, 2015

Chester Gap Cellars

Happy Spring, everyone in the northern hemisphere! And happy Persian New Year (NoRuz) for my Persian and Central Asian friends. My wine companions and I celebrated 21 March with a visit to Chester Gap Cellars, yet another high-quality Northern Virginia vineyard and winery. The view from the wine deck was spectacular. Weather and light conditions were ideal as I did this page. At times I was surrounded by fellow sippers looking on as I did the art. Now here's something amazing. One wine-loving guy brought out a copy of my "Earthly Paradise" wine book, that he had bought just an hour or two ago at Winding Road Cellars. My wine book is getting popular! I hope that this page I just drew will go into my next wine art book. 

"Chester Gap Cellars" is colored pencil and sepia ink on sketchbook page, 8" x 10", March 21, 2015. Some enhancement of blue colors with Photoshop.


Amy Edelen said...

It was lovely meeting you. That day was my introduction to Wineries. You made the day very memorable. I didn't have a chance to talk to you about Bluegrass but I remember you mentioning how much you love it. My father goes many place playing Bluegrass. Patsy Stoneman, "First Lady of Bluegrass" as well as the rest of the Stonemans are family. I would be happy to keep you informed of some great Bluegrass venues when they play. They often play in Galax which I think you would really like.

Amy Edelen said...

Need to correct that I meant to Say Ronnie Stoneman "First Lady of Banjo".

Coffee hasn't quite kicked in yet.