Thursday, March 5, 2015

Leafy Trees Still Exist

Do you remember these green things? I'm sure you do, unless you live in a desert. These are leafy trees. I know my East Coast world has been buried in snow or other winter miseries for quite some time but it is possible that we can survive this and see the leaves again.

These sketches were done on an overcast August afternoon when the greens of the trees were muted and grey. The inset shows the same scene at twilight. I was using water-based markers to do these sketches, which resulted in accurate colors as long as I kept going over it with layers of color. Water-based markers don't come in the proliferation of shades that solvent-based markers like Copics do. And the color dyes used in the water-based markers fade quickly in normal daylight so you have to keep your sketchbooks hidden away. Also, markers are larger than pencils so if you want to do on-site work with them you have to pack and haul a lot of them and they get bulky. These drawings were done in the studio and markers are great to use there. 

Water-based markers with some opaque white marker accents on sketchbook page, 7" x 10", August 7, 2003. Click for larger view.

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