Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Paragon Park Picnickers

Just as I go to wineries with friends these days, back in the '80s, a time of falsely serene memories for me, I went to seaside amusement parks. These were not theme parks. They were conglomerations of entertainments, rides, restaurants, games, knickknack shops, and beach supplies. While my friend rode the roller coaster, I sat and did sketches of whatever I could see. This was an outdoor eating area with a spinning ride in the background. I loved the complex environment of an amusement park. With its colorful graphics and playful shapes, it was an endless source of sketchability. This drawing was done at Boston's "Paragon Park," a memorable amusement park that is long gone. It has disappeared and apartments and condos were built on its acreage.

My current environment is not so much fun, mostly shopping centers, parking lots, apartment blocks, office buildings, and other urban sprawl stuff, so I must make an effort to find sketchable things. I'm waiting for the weather to get warmer so I can tailgate, that is, draw while sitting on the tailgate of my wagon.

Black ink on sketchbook page, about 10" x 7", August 21, 1983.

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