Friday, March 13, 2015

Deryni House Call

I looked through some of my older black and white art archives and found dozens of images which had not yet been digitized. Many of them were fan art for Darkover and Deryni stories, some written by the original authors. (If the original author writes an off-topic short story in her imaginary world, is that fan writing? Self-fan writing?) I also saw to my dismay that the plastic portfolios these copies were in had deteriorated and gotten sticky and dusty. I am trying to clean them off while scanning the art copies. The originals are scattered to the four winds of fandom.

This is a rather nice one, illustrating a scene in Katherine Kurtz's "Camber the Heretic," where the physician Rhys Thuryn and his wife Evaine attempt to heal a stricken nobleman. Note the boy peering through the door at upper left; maybe a young relative, I'd have to re-read it to remember who he is. This was published in a fan magazine called "Fantasy Book" in December 1981.

Black ink on illustration board, 8" x 6", September 1981. Klicky for larger view.


Tristan Alexander said...

Another wonderful ink drawing! So detailed and etching like!

Evie Delacourt said...

This looks like the scene in which Rhys and Evaine tend to Gregory of Ebor's injuries, in which case the lad behind the curtain would be Gregory's son Jesse. Beautiful work! Given the recent craze for coloring books for adults, the topic came up in KK Chat just last night, and I was wishing there was a Deryni coloring book, at least fan-produced even if there isn't enough interest for the commercial market. If Katherine is open to the idea (she said nothing against it last night, though she declined to weigh in on the topic at all, so unless she does, I wouldn't necessarily read that as support, although she's been very supportive thus far of the fan art of her Rhemuth Castle forum members, including my customized Deryni action figures and doll photo-story art), would you be willing to consider contributing to this effort? I can be reached at evie at deryni dot net.