Sunday, March 15, 2015

Celtic Music Bits

I dined out with friends at a restaurant in Reston Town Center. For our enjoyment while waiting to go in, there was a Scottish bagpiper making noise in front of the restaurant. He was joined by a snare drummer so you could hear this duo all around the town. He re-appeared inside the restaurant playing a much softer set of pipes he identified as "parlor pipes." The restaurant was serving "Celtic" dishes for the St. Patrick's season and I had an excellent lamb stew. While the piper was playing outside I drew this little sketch of him. I would have drawn the drummer too but due to the crowd I couldn't see him. People were recording the performance with their mobile phones. Of all the things that characterize the twenty-first century so far, the mobile phones recording everywhere might be the most life-changing. You never have to forget an experience if you record it. Ink drawings are so 1800s!

Just in case this drawing was not enough to warrant a post, here's an old mini-drawing I did as fan art for Katherine Kurtz's medieval "Deryni" world. There was no harper to match the pipers but he's Celtic anyway. From 1981.

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