Sunday, December 3, 2017

Amgyal, the dead planet

This is an image from my own imaginary world, the world of Noantri. It is a view of the surface of the planet Amgyal, orbiting a white dwarf star named Tur. This planet, among others, was one of the bases for the Great Gate through which the Noantri people passed to settle on New  Earth.

Amgyal had once been a thriving center of an ancient civilization, a place with beautiful, technically advanced cities and a benevolent technology. Tur was not a white dwarf then. Something happened on planet Amgyal that induced the sunlike yellow dwarf to go nova. Within seconds, Amgyal had been crushed into a radioactive wasteland unable to support life. The black ruins at bottom are the remains of one of their cities.

The line you see at bottom with a few red lights is a surface transport channel. When the Noantri built their gateway system, a project that took centuries, they dug through the ruins to build an underground city which would support a Gate. The surface transport channel was heavily shielded against the radiation from Tur. Only a few technicians or adventurers ever walked on the surface itself, and they could not do so without protective space suits. 

The only life left on Amgyal was bacteria and fungi underground. If the explorers looked hard enough, they could find tiny plants in the old ruined places, which had evolved to survive deadly radiation. Amgyal was locked down to the Noantri public and they were sent through the Gate as quickly as possible to minimize radiation exposure.

Only a few of the Noantri on New Earth, those in the psionic community, know what really happened to Amgyal, and they have devoted their lives to making sure it doesn't happen to New Earth.

Digital on Photoshop, 6" x 4", 2007.


Mike said...

Is this the first time you've posted this piece? I feel I would've remembered it. I love it! Very inspiring for my own work.

Texchanchan said...

Excellent picture and good story too.