Monday, December 4, 2017

Geometric Sunset Remix

Once I draw a geometrikon (or anything) on paper, I have the option of coloring it in Photoshop and then re-coloring the original in colored pencil or watercolor or markers. Using the terminology of recorded music, this would be a "re-mix." Here's the re-mix of my entry for November 17 of this year, done with colored pencils. The color of the background is done in Photoshop. After the mixed media, I leave it alone.

I guess the "Mike" who comments here is the Canadian composer though there are at least two more "Mikes" it could be. Yes, the Amgyal white dwarf planet has been blogged before but in a previous blog I produced from 2004 - 2008. That was "Electron Blue" which was much more wordy and less illustrated than the current By-product. Here is the Amgyal entry from November 2007. That was 10 years ago! Has Mike really been reading this old Blog? If so, I'm amazed. I still have an "Electron Blue" blog but it isn't very active these days. There are always gateways to the world of Noantri if anyone is interested.

Mixed media on sketchbook page, 5 1/2" x 2", November-December 2017.


Mike (Altus) said...

Ah, I figured out how to change my profile name. No more confusion now. ;)
I read your Electron Blue blogs (I have version 3 in my reading list), although I can't say with certainty I started reading it back in 2007.

Texchanchan said...

I like the geometikons a lot, however created. My brother did some excellent dinosaur paintings by doing the basics on a canvas, photographing it, and adding detail in Photoshop. One of them appeared in National Geographic Online and another in Boys Life.

Joel said...

Nice :)