Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Angel of Millennial Panic

I used to design and send out cards to the members of my religious group to remind them to pay their dues or thank them for having paid the dues. I am the treasurer of the group so this was something I did to make my job a bit less unpleasant for all concerned. I ran out of time to do these some years ago but here is one from 1999 which took its inspiration from the "Y2K panic" that was upsetting the technological world in those days. This is the Angel of Millennial Panic, in a retro-futuristic outfit, surrounded by images of disaster: lightning, a flaming asteroid or comet, an erupting volcano. The Angel is checking his/her laptop to see who has paid the dues before the Cataclysm arrives: "Y2K Bureau of Readiness." The reason the drawing is on a yellow background is that I used "panic yellow" cardstock to make the cards. 

The "Y2K" disaster might have been a fizzle but unfortunately the Cataclysm did happen, it just waited a while until September 2001, after which our panic-stricken lives have never been the same.

Ink drawing printed on yellow paper, 5" x 7", 1998-1999.

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