Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Cookie Truck

In the neighborhood where I do my work break drawings there is the home base of a cookie truck. "Captain Cookie" lives and parks his truck at one of the characteristic cottages. On Monday I found Captain Cookie himself, working on the truck. I asked permission to draw the truck so here it is. The back doors are open so you can see the refrigerated cabinets for the ice cream and milk. The truck is painted a pretty shade of light blue and decorated with hand-painted writing and pictures of cookies. Captain Cookie, along with his sidekick the Milkman, sells cookies, milk, and ice cream out of this truck as it visits popular areas in Washington, DC. Unfortunately, he is not rated (legally) to sell his wares in Virginia. But he did bring me some fresh ones from the kitchen. These are big, chewy, rich cookies and come in many traditional varieties, such as chocolate chip, peanut butter, oatmeal raisin, and many more. I ate two of them and gave the rest away to my co-workers. I cannot, due to professional reasons, make a public judgement as to whether these are better than Trader Joe's "soft bake" cookies. But if you are in DC during the day, look for the blue truck. As it says on the truck, "Saving the world, one cookie at a time."

Staedtler tech pen on sketchbook page, color added in Photocookieshop.

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Captain Cookie said...

Pretty darn good for less than five minutes of sketching!