Saturday, July 21, 2012

Spacy Shapes

DId a little Photoshop doodle at night, playing around with stuff you can only do in a digital medium. Photoshop can take a single shape, multiply it, scatter it about at different sizes and angles, and then situate it on an image layer so you don't disturb the background while working on the overlay. And the blending is so easy to do. And if you want to change the color or contrast or positioning, all you have to do is select what you want to change and do it. This depicts some non-linear space or aerial hardware above a ringed planet. I've always been fascinated by the idea of a spacecraft that doesn't have any fixed shape, but keeps its components together by artificial gravity or tractor beams, and morphs into whatever form its users need. Yes, I suppose I could re-create this scene with acrylic paint and airbrush, but it would take days to do it, rather than a couple of hours for this one.

Photoshop, 10" x 7", July 20, 2012.


Mike said...

I like the colour scheme.

annfashion said...
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