Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Books and Rocking Chair

I was in Leesburg last Friday to pick up the Metatron painting and right down the street from the gallery was this friendly little shop full of books and craft items, built into an old house like so many other Leesburg shops. This is "Books and Other Found Things," run by a sweet couple originally from Hawaii. They have designed their shop to be as "homelike" as possible, as if you could live there in a kind of country-culture fantasy. They specialize in old children's books though they have volumes in many categories, such as thrillers and mystery fiction, history, and gardening. They have only been at that location eight months and are hoping to create more decorated shop rooms upstairs. I did this drawing of one of their book corners. This one is in the front room facing the street, across from the Donaldson log cabin which I depicted some time ago.

Later that evening, after I had returned from a pleasant if overheated day in Leesburg, the recent storm struck with sudden disastrous force and deprived me of electric power and blogability for two days.  

Pitt technical pen on sketchbook page, 6" x 9", June 29, 2012. Drawing took about an hour to complete.


Inkster said...

I discovered your blog yesterday. I love your drawings they make me want to draw again. I was googling molon lave vineyards and I came to your blog because of your drawing. I LOVE Books and Other Found things. My husband has some of his art for sale there. Leesburg First Friday is tonight. Do you go to it?Great work!

Pyracantha said...

Inkster, I hope you see this. I'm spending more and more time in Leesburg because I love this town and am making friends here. I will be bringing more art to "Books and other found things" and you can see my architectural studies of Leesburg places at the "Gleedsville Gallery" on Loudoun Street. I try to come to First Fridays but missed the one in July due to being out of town at a conference. I'll try to get there in August.