Friday, July 27, 2012

Bridge Over Route 50

Before this bridge was built, about two years ago, people from the teeming neighborhood across the big Route 50 highway had to risk their lives if they wanted to cross over the road to shop at the Seven Corners shopping center. In an extensive renovation program which is still in progress, a foot-bridge was built that allowed people to cross over safely. This drawing shows one of the covered stairway towers at the shopping center end of the bridge. You can also see the trestle of the bridge and its railway-style iron archway. This is a nice piece of early 21st century architecture, neo-industrial with its ironwork, rather like its contemporary, Nationals Park, which I featured a week or so ago here. This drawing was done while sitting at Starbucks, beating the heat with one of their new caffeinated iced fruit drinks.

Pentel Pilot G-2 pen on sketchbook page, about 6" x 6", July 26, 2012.

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