Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Another View of Iophar

Back in Iophar, the city of Magic from Lin Carter's "Iridar." If only Lin Carter were still alive, he'd be writing more heroic fantasy for me to depict. I miniaturized my "fantastic city" scene to fit Carter's description. That seems to be the only way I am making any art at all, to make it tiny. This one follows the heroic fantasy city specifications: towering spires of crystal, domes and walkways, palaces and temples, with open forums and squares and parks and lawns and statuary. In the background you can see the tall barrier of the wall of magical ice that protects the city from invaders. I did not depict the densely packed slum dwellings of the servant and artisan classes of this city. I'm using my fresh new markers on this one but I'd like to try something like it in Photoshop too.

Technical pens and markers on sketchbook page, about 7 1/3" x 3 1/2", March 10, 2014. Click for larger view.

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