Friday, March 14, 2014

Ce'Nedra, from Eddings

Ce'Nedra, one of the main list of characters in Eddings' series "The Belgariad," is a Dryad, a tree nymph, and she's also a Princess, spoiled and rebellious, who doesn't yet know her role in the Prophecy (standard fantasy business, there has to be a prophetic text). She is a sexy teen queen who is destined to pair up with our youthful hero-boy. Of course she has flame-red hair as you remember "IFRR", "In Fantasy, Redheads Rule." Every fantasy story has at least one redheaded person in it. (Just think of J.K. Rowling's entire Weasley family.) Fantasy redheads are all natural and bright ("bright-haired" is a standard fantasy epithet), Gods forbid anyone should use hair dye. Ce'Nedra eventually puts on armor and leads an army into battle, though she doesn't actually fight by herself. 

In order to fully appreciate the work of Eddings and just about anyone else's fantasy stories, you are invited and in fact implored to acquire and read THE TOUGH GUIDE TO FANTASYLAND by the late Diana Wynne Jones. I helped her write it and she dedicated the first edition to me. If you are a fantasy fan, or even a fantasy author, you will spend hours laughing your bright-haired (or bald) head off. Highly recommended. 

Ce'Nedra portrait is colored pencil on Bristol board, 7" x 10", spring 1993.

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