Tuesday, March 25, 2014

We Tried It, We Liked It

I've been working on this one for Trader Joe's for some time. It is a mural which goes up near the ceiling above the manager's desk. It explains TJ's return policy. Most of the time, the returns are legitimate and people don't try to take advantage of it. The setting of the text is the futuristic, spectacular, and as yet unopened elevated railway going through and over Tysons Corner, Virginia, which is quickly transforming into a high-rise city. All our large graphics and wall decorations are supposed to have references to local scenery, history, and events, so I picked the most futuristic local scene, in fact something which has yet to be used. My lettering is inspired by the famous perspective "crawl text" at the beginning of "Star Wars." 

And out there in Tysonia, the grandiose pylons and swooping railway stand empty over the car-choked street below, like some sort of surrealistic urban temple, or the mysterious remains of a prehistoric stonehenge.

Original art is acrylic spray paint and markers on Masonite boards, 8 feet by about 30 inches, 2 panels fit together.

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