Sunday, March 23, 2014

Fox Meadow blue hills

Fox Meadow Winery in Linden, Virginia is high up on a hill so you can see a beautiful panorama in any season. This "Wine Saturday" brought me and my friends back to Fox Meadow for the first outdoor sip of the year. It was actually sunny and not freezing cold. We sat at a table on the deck and sipped a delicious red blend while munching cheese and French bread. I broke out the iPad and managed to get this landscape sketched. The only trouble with good weather and iPaddery is that the sun and the sky reflect so brightly off the screen that you can't see what you are drawing. Some plein-iPad artists who work outdoors with it use a box, they just put the iPad inside a simple cardboard box to shield it from the light and keep it visible. I may try that. I did some color and texture corrections on the iPad when I got home. 

"Art Studio" on iPad, about 10" x 7", March 22, 2014.

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