Saturday, March 1, 2014

Meeting the Flame

Throughout February I've been doing experimental illustrations and character portraits from "The Flame of Iridar," a pulp fantasy text by Lin Carter. I chose it because the characters and backgrounds are so "traditional" and stereotypical. This is a somewhat less stereotypical moment in the story where the characters encounter the "Flame of Iridar." This is a cosmic being of pure energy that has been hiding deep under the City of Magic. The author throws in a bit of cosmological science fiction with this Flame, which was amusing, talking of atoms and subatomic particles in the course of an otherwise ordinary sword and sorcery tale.

I did this in about half an hour on the iPad while in the hair salon getting my hair done, waiting under the dryer dome. It isn't great but it is an attempt. I am not giving up my intention of doing fantasy digital art, though at the moment I am very frustrated with it.

"Art Studio" on iPad, February 28, 2014.

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sally said...

Not knowing the story, I can't say whether it suits that tale or not, but it's quite nice as a design