Thursday, March 27, 2014

"Silk," from Eddings

Among the archetypes that populate Eddings' series is this one, the Thief. In Eddings, he is nicknamed "Silk," and he is a renegade prince of one of the many kingdoms in that world. The Thief is always short and very athletic, able to climb buildings and enter upper story windows, or able to leap between rooftops and evade pursuers by hiding in small spaces. He knows lots of secrets and isn't afraid of anything. He is often paired with the Big Red-Bearded Guy such as in the famous pair "Fafhrd and the Grey Mouser" created by Fritz Leiber. (The Grey Mouser being the Thief character.) Even though stealing is a crime, this character is almost never really bad. In fact the Thief is often one of the most sympathetic of all the characters in the story. He often saves the day with his daggers when the big swordsmen or axemen fail. But he never gets the girl. In Eddings, "Silk" is forever in love with a married and unattainable princess.

Colored pencil and some ink on Bristol board, 8" x 10", November 1992.

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