Friday, April 22, 2016

Blue Blaze Cats Logo Tryout

My friends Elektra and Michael have been very much involved in the world of prize cats and cat shows for many years. They raise and show Maine Coon cats as well as other breeds. They are also internationally active cat judges. I have visited their cat shows and had many good times with them and their furry feline family. Early on in their cat career they commissioned me to do a logo for their business. I was just entering the world of digital art so I decided to do their logo on CorelDraw (at that point, just CorelDraw 2). I wanted something that would reduce in size well and have a "spacy" look to it as Elektra and Michael were dedicated science fiction and fantasy fans.

I was surprised that they rejected this concept. I liked the abstract seated cat with its flamelike tail. They wanted something completely different and instead chose an ink drawing that I made of two of their champion Maine Coons, which you can see on their web page.
Nowadays my friends are still active in the cat world but are moving into fantasy and science fiction writing and publishing.

CorelDraw 2 digital design, 5 1/2" x 8 1/2", printed on an HP PaintJet printer, 1991.

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