Saturday, April 2, 2016

The Markers in the Circular Case

As most of you know, I have more markers than any reasonable person, even an artist, should have. When I see a selection in an enticing case, I just have to have it, even if the colors are already in my collection. Some years ago I bought a big marker collection which was kept in an interesting circular plastic case which folded at its diameter, thus providing space for more than 100 water-based markers. I used it a lot when I was doing experimental doodles back in the earlier years of this Blog. I still have the marker set but some of them have dried up. I perform my "Marker Funeral" on them and bid them goodbye. But many of them are still good and I was able to make this modest effort with my circular case markers. 

There are a lot of new marker products around now because of the popularity of "adult coloring books." Most of them, including my circular case set, are saturated bright colors, which is not really what I want. I collect markers in earth, sky, and landscape tones. For these you have to pay more because they are for the professional market though I'm sure the coloring crowd enjoys them too. Some markers last a surprisingly long time if you don't open them too much. Others, like light blue, disappear fast because I use it for sky colors. And all these markers fade, unless they are specifically marked as "pigment ink." I can go on for hours about markers, which may suggest that I don't have a life. I do have a life, but it is a shelf-life.

Markers on sketchbook page, blue background added in Photoshop, 6 1/2" x 5 1/2", April 2, 2016.

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