Thursday, April 7, 2016

Kallitechnia Bedroom Bubble

Eroticism and public sex were a big part of the Kallitechnian ethos, according to my client. It was pretty obvious that he enjoyed embodying his own fantasies in his imaginary world. I was thankfully excused from drawing anything X-rated but the element could easily be suggested. This all-glass "bubble bedroom," designed by the client, was on top of a residence building, connected with the dome but equipped with an outdoor terrace. The big bed was installed under the air-conditioned or heated dome so the users could be there in any kind of weather. There were also bathroom and shower facilities, enclosed within translucent egg-like modules. The sexual activity of the residents on the bed could easily be seen from the middle levels of the houses. In Kallitechnia, "privacy" as we know it was expressed quite differently from our lifestyles and customs. The Bubble Bedroom was quite a sight at night, lit up by colored lights and showing off many variations of Kallitechnian erotic behavior.

Black ink on illustration board, 11" x 9", June 1996. Click for a closer view.

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