Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Tiny Art

Some years ago there was a short-lived fad for making miniature art pieces on paper cards no bigger than a credit card. They were called "artist trading cards" and artists could exchange them as originals, with an address and contact information on the back. The cards were available at the art materials store in packs. Seeing the work of my fellow artists on the cards, I bought a pack of them.

My good friend and blogging buddy Tristan had some too and suggested we exchange a pair of trading cards. He came forth with two images of what he did best, fantasy male humanoid spirits, and I set to work...and failed badly. Tristan had recommended that I do architectural details, especially Gothic or medieval. My attempt at a Gothic window was a mess. I wasn't used to working in a tiny size. I couldn't give that to Tristan! So I never did my part of the trade...until now. Instead of using the pre-made cards I cut my own set out of art paper with a smooth texture. My first attempt is a farmhouse carved wood porch scroll with a Virginia landscape in the background, just what I like to do best.

Here's my "Gothic" window. It isn't "realistic" but it sort of fits the idea. It actually looks a bit like Tristan's more decorative work, I think, but there's no vampire in it anywhere. 
Tristan even framed the pair he gave me but I didn't frame mine, I hope he doesn't mind.

Both pictures are ink, watercolor and acrylic bits on watercolor paper, 2 1/2" x 3 1/2", March 2016.

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Tristan Alexander said...

These are both very nice and I have tiny fames and will frame them no problem. The fad has not passed in the art communities I am part of people still do these and some are unbelievable for the size. Thanks for getting these to me (even if it took a while).