Friday, April 29, 2016

Promotional Pirate Fantasy

This is a bit of a mishmosh, but they published it anyway in one of the "progress reports" for members of the upcoming 1998 Baltimore World Science Fiction Convention, BucConeer. The image was also used as a holiday card sent to people who were working on the convention staff. There's a castle, a spaceship, otherworldly moons, and an old pirate ship because the convention had a pirate theme. The name "BucCONeer " is a typical bit of science fiction fan wordplay though I have never figured out just how to spell it. I did a lot of volunteer promotional art for them and one elaborate heraldic design for a T-shirt. I think I had fun at that convention but as I remember I also had a cold which cut into my fun-having energy. I suppose I could look at my 1998 journal for memories. I haven't been to a Worldcon since 2004, for various reasons, and I don't miss going.

Pirate card image is black ink on illustration board, 6" x 9", November 1996.

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