Friday, April 8, 2016

Newbie at Wheel

In early 1994, when the larger world's Internet was just getting started, I did a number of illustrations for a long-gone magazine called "Internet World." These pictures are now full of recent nostalgia for the dawning age of what we now can't live without. This one is a kind of "anticipated nostalgia" for an era which in those days wasn't that far away. A '55 Chevy loaded with newbie and friends, driving on the southeast expressway in Boston at twilight. Signs advertising new-fangled internet things like IRC and Usenet. The billboard says: Information indigestion? Try DIGEX for fast relief. Digital Express Access, Internet public access: Digex was my internet provider. My first Internet address was, from 1993.

Ink and watercolor with computer-printed type, original size 9" x 12", January 1994.

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