Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Passing Storm over Vineyard

I have wanted to do this picture for years. Many years ago I visited Pearmund Cellars, yet another excellent winery in Northern Virginia, and during my visit a thunderstorm gathered with dark clouds over the hills, and then instead of raining on me, it moved away and dissipated. I took some reference photos of the natural event and put them into my files, hoping that if I ever had the time I would paint that passing moment from memory. As you know summer is the only season I like and thunderstorms are one of my favorite moments during summer. I wanted to paint a picture where you could see patches of sunlight on the intense green of vines and lawns, and hear rumbles of thunder in the distance.

Well I finally got the time, and created the painting this month. I just finished it. The little brick-textured garden shed appealed to me as if it were a tiny cabin I might be able to use as a studio or retreat refuge. Pearmund Cellars has lots of these interesting places which I would like to see again. The title, "Passing Storm, Pearmund Cellars" or perhaps "Distant Storm, Pearmund Vineyard" is meant to echo the atmospheric quality of the "Luminist" painters of the 19th century, who also wanted to paint momentary weather and natural light events. 

Watercolor and ink on thick watercolor paper, 14" x 10", April 2016. Click for larger view.

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