Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Gameworld High Court

"Haven," the city in the game series I illustrated for "Gamelords," was a mixture of Renaissance intrigue and swashbuckling, and political infighting. Despite its Renaissance or "early modern" society with nobles and mercenary bands and small city-states, it seemed to have modern gender roles, probably to please modern female players, if there were such a thing. The "High Court" of Haven, like the Supreme Court in our world, had at least one female member, something our Court didn't have until the 20th century. But then we don't have the variety of humanoid species that Haven did. Not only do they have a human woman but they also have a dwarf (left center) and a pointy-eared elf (Chief Justice, in center). I wonder whether the Haveners had as much trouble nominating members to their Court as we Americans do for ours.

Black ink on illustration board, 9" x 4", Summer 1984.

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