Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Horse Tamer's Daughter 2

The song goes on but I digitally erased the words from my graphic design because the type was rather messed up. This panel shows the power-grabbing wizards who invade the town to take over the place and kidnap young people with magic powers, such as the girl in the song. The girl, who I named "Epona" after the Celtic goddess of horses, can call the wild creatures to her by the power of her mind. 

I really would like to do a graphic sequence from the Darkover world but when I suggested it to Marion Zimmer Bradley she burst into anger (she had a really bad temper) and said she HATED comic books and would never allow her work to be treated this way. I wonder whether this still holds true since MZB is dead. I could ask, but I don't know who to ask.

Black ink on illustration board, about 7" x 5", summer 1984.

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