Friday, October 21, 2016

Gameworld Sun God Temple

Here's another scene from the "Haven" gameworld. There are many religions to choose from, some of them rich and a good target for thieves. The Sun God cult's temple is well-stocked with precious things especially gold which is naturally sacred to the Golden Sun. 

In these old illustrations of mine gamers were satisfied playing from paper books and a handful of dice. The books were well-illustrated but as in this case only with black and white drawings. Nowadays as you all know gaming is digital and a multi-billion dollar industry. Countless artists, many of them from Asia, produce dazzling full-color arrays of illustrations which are used in games you can only play on an expensive machine. 

I missed my chance to do the modern kind of gaming art, with its super-complex fabulous eye-blasting scenarios and characters. But from what I've heard about the industry since then did not inspire me to enter it, including high-pressure short term contracts, uncertain employment, and rampant sexism. I found my small-scale niche instead among the fine arts and craftsmen and haven't regretted not going for the gaming world too much.

"Temple of the Sun God" original is black ink on illustration board, about 8 1/2" x 2 3/4", spring 1984.

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