Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Horse-Tamer's Daughter

This title page was not for a prose story but the lyrics to a song. "The Horse-Tamer's Daughter" was set on Darkover, in a remote area where one family worked with wild horses, capturing them and taming and training them. (The horses were introduced to Darkover by the human colonists.) The young lady has a psychic gift of working with animals especially horses, and this ability is amplified when she finds a lost magic talisman left in a ruined tower. Eventually she and a band of equines are able to drive off an invasion by a group of power-seeking wizards.

The song was very popular among Darkover fans and is probably still in some fan ("filk") singers' repertoire. I was commissioned to illustrate the lyrics in many pages so this is one of many. It was published in a fan magazine called "Fesarius" in 1984. 

Black ink on illustration board, about 7 1/2" x 3", summer 1984. You can hear the song here on YouTube.


Tristan Alexander said...

Always loved Julia Ecklar's version of that song! Nice illustration Maybe someday you should do a book of all your Darkover illustrations or maybe just all your illustrations for various magazines/fanzines.

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