Friday, October 7, 2016

Skating Sketches

As I'm going through the packed stuff in my own closets, I find collections of neglected art copies, usually fan art I did years ago for zines that don't publish any more. All fanzines have been made obsolete by Internet lists and forums, but that's OK, I don't have all that time to do fan art any more. There were zines for figure skating enthusiasts too and the editors of one of them asked me to do a series for their "Brian Boitano" themed issue. I've published on this Blog some costumes from this skate fan series but here's a rendering of Brian himself doing ballet on ice. The inkwork here isn't as bad as I thought it was then. Here's another of "Determined Heroic Brian."

Boitano won the gold medal in the 1988 Winter Olympics in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. His victory was one of the greatest sports moments I've ever witnessed. I still think Brian Boitano is the best American male figure skater, ever.

Pen and black ink on illustration board, September 1990.

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I'm reminded of this song from the South Park film.