Friday, October 28, 2016

Starbucks Squirters

As you know I'm in a Starbucks coffee house almost every day. It's my way of edging out of my studio so I won't be alone and hidden all day long. I sit and drink my doubleshot or cappuccino and pretend I'm just like all the other people in there with their computers and iPhones. Why pretend? I AM just like all the other people in there with my iPhone. But none of them have a sketch pad. Draw anything, goes the motif. Draw the people drinking coffee. But I'm not confident of my people drawing skills, even after all these years. I can draw things really well, not so much people. There right in front of me are many things. They are vessels for the making of sweet coffee and tea drinks. The pump squirters deliver flavored syrup and the square pitchers have coffee or tea concentrate. As I drew these the barista moved them around in ceaseless application. Finally she took all of the items away and cleaned the metal table they were on. So that was the end of this drawing session.

Black tech pen ink on sketchbook page, 4 1/2" x 6", October 27, 2016.

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