Friday, March 26, 2010

Escher Orientale

Here's a little speedpaint I did tonight in Photoshop. I guess the gravity gets a little odd in Cathay, after all it's on the other side of the world from me so things must be upside down! And so if you walk up the suspension bridge, you will get to the center where all things face each other, like the petals of a golden flower.


Mike said...

Ooh I like this.

Mary said...

I love it. (If you're still feeling torn between fantasy and "dignity", this kind of thing seems like the perfect resolution.)

I would buy this and hang it in my house. Um... Can I?

Pyracantha said...

Mike and Mary: Many thanks for your comments. I'm glad you're out there.

Mary: Yes, this picture is available as a print! I have a professional-grade archival printer which can create a copy for you.
It would be 7" x 10", mounted and matted to a standard size 11" 14". Price: $30 + $5 shipping and handling. Please e-mail me at and we will arrange.

Tristan Alexander said...

I would love to see a traditional picture from you with a similar feel. This is definatly very "oriental" in it's look!