Sunday, March 28, 2010

Iconic Mid-Century Modern Car Shop

It's my first outdoor drawing of the year! Here is a specimen of mid-century modern vernacular auto architecture in Fairfax, VA. I did it while sitting on a rickety splintery wood pallet at an outdoor flower shop in the parking lot. Note the classic office area with the big windows. There were also cheerful if faded accents of blue and red. The same kind of layout is still used in fancy modern houses. No architect can resist the enormous floor-to-ceiling windows. I like the buildings in my neighborhoods, usually small business buildings, that no one notices. They are often hidden architectural gems. I hope to bring you more of them when the weather gets warmer.

Small sketchbook drawing, about 5" x 3".

1 comment:

Tristan Alexander said...

Good sketch but I hate this "style" of building style. So square and boring! Just boxes for people. I like more organic or curved buildings.