Tuesday, March 30, 2010

War Bikini

Here's my next attempt at doing another scantily clad battle Amazon. This doesn't suck as much as my first warrior woman, but it isn't up to "World of Warcraft" standards yet. Here's what I'm aiming for with these. I view all figure drawing, and all "realistic" digital painting, as a challenge to me, whereas drawing buildings or other stuff I'm actually good at, is not much of a challenge. I need a challenge - or a commission - to do good art. Oddly enough, I am not much of an artistic self-motivator except in certain special areas, like my Noantri world, which no one, except a couple of my friends, is interested in. I really like working to order. I don't like to just do stuff for myself, that no one else sees or appreciates. I'd rather publish mediocre art than hide excellent art.

I guess I'm an egotist. I want an audience and fans and recognition. That's one reason I'm trying to do "conventional" fantasy subjects like warrior women. These stock figures (or gaming characters) are also a way for me to learn how to handle the digital painting medium so I can get "realistic" renderings out of it. This piece didn't take me as long as the previous one I published here. I still have problems with the proportions on the figure, in that they have to be exaggerated: longer limbs, rounder bazooms, flexible back, smaller head. And also, to design true fantasy female warrior costumes, I must abandon all sense of utility and just go for the "showgirl" aspect of it. I mean, it's got to be realistically rendered, but in "reality," totally absurd. There really were women warriors in ancient times, but they wore armor or some body-covering protective garments. They did not, alas, go to war wearing bikinis.

"War Bikini" is Photoshop, 7" x 10", March 2010.


Tristan Alexander said...

OK, she looks to much like a real person. The body type is not fantasy it's realistic. The example you showed that you aspire to means you need to be studying Playboy and the like. To get the "sexey" pose and airbrushed, plasitc sergery, fake boob look right.

Rae Trigg said...

I agree with Tristan about looking at magazines like Playboy. I'd also suggest fashion magazines, but they airbrush their models so outrageously, they often look alien.

Pyracantha said...

Thanks for commenting, Tristan and Rae. You are both right. I was trained, such as I was, to depict human bodies (and everything else) in an academic realist style, as close to "reality" as I could get. Academic realism was presented as the pinnacle of artistic ability. You were not allowed to exaggerate or add fantastic elements. It's hard for me to get beyond this. I feel compelled to achieve "realism" even if I try to draw a cartoon.
I am currently seeking to acquire old Playboy mags or some old archive of girly poses. Playboy is available on a DVD archive but it is VERY expensive.
But then, why should I want to do fantasy pin-up girls (or guys) at all? Maybe 'cause Tristan does so well with fantasy figures! :-)